The premium certificate for organic and natural cosmetics from ICADA guarantees through independent intensive certification procedures that the products meet the requirements for natural cosmetics. At ICADA there are high quality standards. We chose this certificate because the others do not correspond to our principles (even if they belong to the "knowns"). In addition, we have had positive experiences with the use of ICADA as an association for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
We also like their work at the EU Commission. For more information: www.icada.eu


Our entire product range is allowed to bear the symbol of the animal protection organization PETA - the bunny. The use of the label
stands for cruelty-free  to offer products. PETA checks the ingredients and posts a company or a company's products that has been positively evaluated on their information page. Due to their good reputation, they are considered very trustworthy and truthful.
We support PETA with regular donations and campaigns. For more information: www.peta.de

Vegan Flower

We are delighted to have been able to carry the vegan flower of the VEGAN SOCIETY on our products since the very beginning of our company. The label also stands for animal-free products and specifically for the fact that they are VEGAN. This is also guaranteed for all additives and raw materials used in the product, such as the glue for the brushes. The certificate is awarded by the Vegan Society in Great Britain and has become very well known in recent years  become. It has to be reapplied for every 1 - 2 years and is then checked again and again. For more information: www.vegansociety.com

AnNa (animals and nature)

The AnNa label (Animals+Nature) follows guidelines that are based on global ethics for nature and animals. It brings both together. This label says that you pursue both and not only produce either vegan or natural cosmetics. We have been dissatisfied with this fact for a long time and with it the fact that the manufacturers of natural cosmetics very often do not care if they use substances that come from animal recycling. And on the other hand: With the trend products that are advertised as VEGAN, we dislike the fact that they are often enriched with harmful ingredients in the cheapest way. The main thing is that they are vegan. We want to counteract this with the AnNa label. For more information: www.animals-and-nature.de