My mission

My original mission to produce mineral powder as make-up was based on the fact that I didn't tolerate cream make-up myself. At that time I wasn't aware that it was probably mainly due to the ingredients mineral oil and glycerin. But this intolerance also had something very good, because it led me to natural cosmetics and the need to produce natural products myself.

The next initiator was when I learned that most expensive superfine brushes are made from animal hair, mainly squirrel tails. This idea was so terrifying for me that I decided to offer exclusively vegan products. The powders were "naturally vegan" anyway, and all the others - brushes, mascara, lipsticks, etc. - should be too.

Founding a company for make-up products in the vast cosmetics jungle was a thing of the past originally not on my screen at all. I just wanted my, trained by me  "Colors Women" offer products that I can stand behind, for their customers and for themselves. In the meantime I have positioned myself on the market with my brand ANGEL MINERALS by Karin Hunkel and I am very happy with it.

My mission of sustainable production is now largely aimed at the development of the packaging. Our certified powders are particularly sustainable in themselves because they are naturally very economical to use, last indefinitely and do not need to be artificially supported in their shelf life. In addition, they are obtained without child labor and without animal suffering. We consistently avoid palm oil in the liquid products. Aluminum is not used in our products, nor is it used to package or seal anything. Plastic jars are being replaced more and more in favor of glass, refills and paper jars.

This is my personal mission:

With everything I do privately and professionally, I try to do my best to protect nature, Protecting the environment and animals as best I can.
    I respect people, opinions and social commitments that are good for the planet
and all living beings.
    I want to act from the heart and only sell things that I use or would use myself.

Whatever we can do for people, animals and nature - we do our most.

From the heart
Karin Hunkel