Our mineral powders are very fine and naturally vegan.

Mineral make-up, which is usually super well tolerated - even by people with extreme skin problems. However, it is not just the minerals that make make-up so unique. It is also the mixture of the  ingredients, which ensures the light, airy feeling of this mineral powder. Its amazing opacity and the fact that it does not clog pores have made ANGEL MINERALS Make-up a very popular cosmetic product in no time at all.

Is mineral make-up better for the skin than cream make-up?

Almost all traditional cosmetics contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Read the so-called INCI's (list of ingredients) of each traditional product and you will find a long list of ingredients, some of which cannot even be pronounced. Most of the ingredients are derived from petroleum. Some of these ingredients, such as fragrances and dyes, can irritate sensitive skin considerably.

Pure mineral powder make-up has been found to be better tolerated by all skin types than cream make-up because the minerals contain no oils, artificial dyes, chemicals or artificial preservatives. Especially for sensitive skin, which is susceptible to impurities, and skin, which is typically allergic to cosmetics, the application of Mineral Make-Up has led to significant improvements.

In addition, Mineral Make-Up is known as "non-comedogenic" because it does not clog the pores of the skin. And the ingredients of mineral makeup - calcium sulfate and titanium dioxide - offer the benefits of providing natural protection from ultraviolet rays. The minerals also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in combating pimples.

What are the shelf life limitations of Mineral Make-Up?

Minerals have no expiration date, even if they do not contain preservatives. Mineral cosmetics are inorganic, which does not allow microbacterial growth. Nevertheless, it is of course important to clean the brushes regularly after use, because the brushes absorb the fat of the skin and the cream used. Although the rock flour is free of bacteria, the make-up brush can be a breeding ground for them.

Is Angel-Minerals BIO?

In principle, mineral powder is not cultivated but it is rock that is broken down. Stones come from nature and cannot be "produced" in BIO quality. Actually, BIO certification for mineral make-up is unnecessary. However, many customers feel safer with a label. That is why we have had our products certified. They carry the premium certificate for organic and natural cosmetics from ICADA, the PETA certificate, the vegan flower and AnNa (animals+nature), which stands for global ethics.

Pure mineral makeup is rock, which is very finely ground. They are different types of rock (minerals) which are named by their chemical name. However, they are not artificially produced, even if their names sound very artificial at first. This includes: Mica, Silica, Calcium Sulfate, Boron Nitride. We do not have a single mineral as nanoparts in our products!

What is ANGEL MINERALS doing for the environment?

Even though we are a small company, we believe that every manufacturer of a product should pay particular attention to environmental protection. Our certified powders are particularly sustainable as a product, because they are naturally very economical to use, last indefinitely and do not have to be artificially supported in their shelf life. All products are also vegan and won without animal suffering. With the liquid products (lipsticks + mascara) we consistently do without palm oil.

But that's not enough for us. For more than 3 years, we have been looking for a can that makes it possible for us to do without the plastic cans. Now we have finally managed to find a suitable vessel and will be able to fill our powder in glass containers in a few months. This is a big step in the direction that is close to our hearts.

It is also important to us not to use aluminum in the packaging under any circumstances. Our boxes are glued with vegan glue and if possible we reuse all boxes we get from other manufacturers. Of course, our vegan brushes are glued vegan, the stems of fast growing woods, such as bamboo and birch. The other woods carry the FSC certificate and of course we do without FSC "mix" (which is a mixture with other woods).

Whatever we can do for humans, animals and nature - we do our best.