Recommended ANGEL MINERALS products for the four main color types
Which color type am I?

It is not so easy to definitely determine a color type correctly. It is often "over the thumb" and doing a lot of wrong. You need a certain setting with full-tone lights (which come close to natural sunlight) and endless cloths to compare over and over again. And above all, you need expertise that you should learn from an experienced specialist. If you do it right or experience that it was done right, then you have seen in the analysis itself, which colors are particularly good and which are not.

The School for Holistic Color Consulting by Karin Hunkel does not differentiate between four but six color types (ie also a mixture between spring and autumn as well as summer and winter). This subtle differentiation is important only for the clothing colors, for the right make-up we do not need the differentiation. In make-up, the distinction between warm (yellow-ground) and cold (blue-green) colors is especially important. That's why I've only distinguished four color types, spring and autumn are warm - summer and winter cold colors are best.

You'll also find that some products can be used by multiple color types. Yes, that's how it is. There are overlaps, such as Eyeshadow Greige fits all blondes and looks better on Darkhaired Dark Gray. Also, the foundation color varies, whether you are tanned or winterblass.

spring type
Foundation: Neutral 3, Neutral 4, Yellow 2, Yellow 3, Yellow 5, Rose 2, Angel Touch Light, Angel Touch Sun, Contouring warm.
Rouge: Peach, Nature Tan Satin, Tany Touch, Golden Glossy.
Eyeshadow: Greige, Chocolate, Desert, Orange, Dark Green, Golden Beige, Apricot, Caribic, Kiwi, Sparkling Copper, Champagne.

summer type
Foundation: Rose 1, Rose 2, Rose 3, Rose 4, Rose 5, Angel Touch Light, Contouring cool.
Rouge: Rose Quartz, Cool Rose.
Eyeshadow: Greige, Dark Gray, Blue Mystery, Light Rose, Petrol, Velvet Blue, Indigo, Light Lilac, Moon, Silver Rose.

autumn type
Foundation: Neutral 3, Neutral 4, Yellow 1, Yellow 2, Yellow 3, Yellow 4, Rose 2, Angel Touch Light, Angel Touch Sun.
Rouge: Nature Tan Satin, Golden Glossy, Maroon.
Eyeshadow: Chocolate, Dark Brown, Bronze, Dark Green, Olive, Golden Beige, Sparkling Copper, Champagne, Petrol, Rosewood.

winter type
Foundation: Neutral 1, Neutral 2, Neutral 5, Rose 1, Rose 2, Rose 3, Rose 4, Rose 5, Angel Touch Light, Contouring cool.
Rouge: Lightpink, Cool Rose, Maroon.
Eyeshadow: Black, Dark Gray, Violet, Malachite, Pink Fairy, Light Rose, Emerald, Velvet Blue, Dark Brown (sometimes), Indigo, Moon, Silverrose, White.

Of course there are also for each other all the colors that you can combine or just because you feel like the color.

And of course there are also so-called "exceptions" in the color types, which also suit colors of other color types.

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