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To find the right shade of foundation for you, it is best to proceed in three steps:

Step 1: decide your skin type!
In Europe we differentiate between the skin types Super Light, Light, Medium and Dark. Deciding on your skin type is the most important thing in finding the right color for your mineral powder. Determining your color type will only aid the color selection. Important to know: there are different skin types for almost every color type. So, for example, there are very pale spring types and very brown ones. Knowing the types of the seasons is especially important for the colors of clothing that you want to wear on your upper body. Therefore, when choosing the right mineral powder, the decision for the skin type is paramount. I developed the season typology long before I discovered mineral powder. See in the menu item Color Types the assignment of the mineral powder to the color types. In order to limit the basic color or the pigmentation of your skin (skin type) as precisely as possible, you should start from your predominant skin color.

With light skin tones, two are distinguished from each other.
Very light porcelain skin (Super Light) looks pale beige or pale pink to whitish and tans little or no tan in summer. It is also called alabaster or snow white skin.
If, on the other hand, your skin type is Light, the description, light beige or translucent pink, matches your skin color and you tan only slightly in summer.
If your skin belongs to the Medium category, your skin appears well supplied with blood and always at least slightly tanned. The degree of browning (light, medium, strong) is given by the nuances light yellow, beige brown and medium brown.
The dark skin type for heavily tanned skin can best be defined with the shades olive, red-brown and dark brown. This skin is far from looking pale or fair-skinned.

Step 2: Order a sample set for your skin type.
If you can't decide with the help of the powder images (right), let the sample sets help you. Each of our mineral powder sample sets contains 4 matching color nuances for the respective skin type. They reflect the different undertones and are ideal for perfect fine-tuning! The colors shown on the right - each in a set of 4 - should help you to determine your skin type correctly in advance. If in doubt, order two sets of samples and choose from 8 nuances.

Step 3: calmly test the nuances.
Take your hand mirror with you on the balcony or stand in front of the window, so in good daylight if possible. Use the brush to draw a thick line on your cheek from a powder sample. This is how you can experience your mineral powder miracle most clearly: The line that you cannot see on your skin has the right color.

Once you have applied the perfect shade for your mineral powder, the powder will literally melt into your skin!

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