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When hearing the word "color consultance", the first thing that comes to mind is the strict division into the four color types. The second comment is "I was everything".

Yes, unfortunately this wonderful work was often taken over by women who smelled the "quick money" and did not understand at all how deep colors can go in their effect and how sensitive working with them has to be. That is why I developed the "Holistic Color Consultation" in 1986 and wrote three books in a row to explain things.

When working with colors holistically, we also look at the color type but also at the reasons why someone wears certain colors and rejects others. There is a lot more to it than you might think. Each color has a meaning and opens up a whole spectrum of life issues (see on this side under "How colors work" and

Colors are not just beautiful to look at, they are able to harmonize and heal. The colors that you need can be integrated in clothing and in the apartment, worn as gemstones (mineral) and imagined in meditation. Try it out - it can actually give you the strength you need to change or beautify your life. I ran my school for holistic color consultance for 30 years and advised a lot of people and trained them to be color consultants.

In 2016 I gave consultance and training to Elke Diemar, Please contact her if you are looking for a training.

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The book "Holistic Color Consulting" by Karin Hunkel is unfortunately out of print. You can try to get it <used>.

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