Angel Minerals Foundation Rose

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R1 Cool Light Foundation
VEGAN Mineral Makeup R1 - Cool Light

Rose 1: S
Brightest tone for the summer type.

Refill R2 Cool Rose
VEGAN Mineral Makeup R2 - Cool Rose

Rose 2: S + H + W
Light tone for summer, autumn and winter types.

Refill R3 Satin Shell
VEGAN Mineral Makeup R3 - Satin Shell

Rose 3: summer
A medium shade for summer types.

Refill R4 Powder Rose
Vegan Mineral Makeup R4 - Powder Rose

Rose 4: S
Darker tone for the tanned summer types.

Refill R5 Cool Tan
VEGAN Mineral Makeup R5 - Cool Tan

Rose 5: S + W
Dark tone for the tanned summer and winter types.