Q: Are your Mineral Make-up Powders suitable for mature and dry skin?
A: Absolutely! Our make-up does not dry out the skin. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by reflecting the minerals. Especially our two powders Angel Touch Light and Sun are suitable for mature skin.

Q: How long can you wear your Mineral Make-up Powder?
A: With our Mineral Make Up you don't have to constantly powder during the day. Our make-up is waterproof - it lasts well even when you sweat. The "Anti-Shine" products even absorb sweat. Even in light rain it won't run down! Nevertheless you can easily clean it with water or oil.

Q: Have your products been tested on animals?
A: No, none of the Angel-Minerals products have been tested on animals.

Q: Are your products suitable for vegans?
A: Our product line is vegan certified except for a single lipstick. All powders are made of stone and nothing comes from animals! Our brushes are also vegan.

Q: What does the designation CI mean with the number of ingredients in your products. This seems very chemical to me.
A: Don't worry, it doesn't mean anything bad if the numbers start with a 7 - as with our products. The CI 7xxxx are natural colours, gentle and compatible. (From a natural cosmetic point of view, the colour numbers CI 1xxxx, CI 2xxxx and CI 4xxxx are questionable. See also page 198 at Rita Stiens "Beautiful at any price").

Q: What are the shelf life limitations of Mineral Make-Up?
A: Minerals have virtually no expiration date. Nevertheless, we have to legally indicate an expiration date of 30 months (the longest possible) on the product floor. This even applies after opening.

Q: Can I also use the powder on inflamed skin?
A: Mineral cosmetics are advantageous for people with problematic skin. These include rosacea, acne or postoperative skin areas.

Q: What sun protection does mineral powder have?
A: Titanium dioxide and boron nitrides (ingredients of mineral powders) provide natural protection from the sun.

Q: Why do other mineral products contain bismuth oxychlorides?
A: It is a by-product of refined lead and copper. It has pearlescent properties. This raw material cannot be used in Angel Mineral products.

Q: Why are your powders filled in plastic cans?
A: Unfortunately, we have not yet succeeded in finding a glass container for the powder. If I have an extra one made, the minimum order quantity is 25,000 pieces. So far we cannot afford this production. But it is on our to-do list. Until then, we offer the refill option for the powders.

Q: Since the powder is so fine, does it also contain nanoparticles?
A: No - we do not use nano-sized minerals.

Further questions are welcome and will be made available on this page for everyone who is interested.

Have fun with Angel Minerals

Karin Hunkel