FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

? - Are your mineral make up powders suitable for mature skin and dry skin?

Absolutely! Our make up does not dry out the skin. In addition, it softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by reflecting the minerals. Especially our two powders "Angel Touch Light" and "Angel Touch Sun" are suitable for mature skin.

? - How long can you wear your mineral make up powder?

With our Mineral Make Up, you don't need to constantly reapply powder throughout the day. Our make up is waterproof - it will last well even if you sweat. The "Anti Shine" products even absorb sweat. It won't run down even in light rain! Still, you can easily clean it off with water or oil in the evening.

? - Have your products been tested on animals?

No, none of the Angel Minerals products have been tested on animals.

? - Are your products suitable for vegans?

Our product line is certified vegan. Nothing comes from animals! Our brushes are vegan as well.

? - What does the CI designation mean with the number by the ingredients in your products. It seems very chemical to me.

Don't worry, it doesn't mean anything bad when the numbers start with a 7 - as in our products. CI 7xxxx are natural colors, gentle and compatible. (From a natural cosmetics point of view, the color numbers CI 1xxxx, CI 2xxxx and CI 4xxxx are questionable. See also page 198 of Rita Stiens "Beautiful at any price").

? - What are the durability limitations of Mineral Make Up?

Minerals have virtually no expiration date. We must nevertheless indicate purely legally an expiration date of 30 months (the longest possible) on the product bottom. However, this even applies only after opening.

? - I did not find a primer for your powders on the Shop site. Other companies offer that.

You do not need a primer with our powders. The powders hold very well on your skin. However, you should not use skincare products underneath that contain silicone. The powder could bead up on them.

? - Can I use the powder on inflamed skin?

Mineral cosmetics are beneficial for people with problematic skin. This includes rosacea, acne skin burns, or post-operative skin sites.

? - What kind of sun protection does mineral powder have?

Titanium dioxide and boron nitrides (ingredients in mineral powders) provide natural protection from the sun.

? - Why do other mineral products contain bismuth oxychloride?

It is a by-product of refined lead and copper. It has pearlescent properties. Angel Minerals products do not have this raw material in them.

? - Why are your powders packaged in plastic Jar?

Unfortunately, we had not been able to find an alternative to the plastic can in the past, although we had been looking for it intensively for years. Only now have we managed to get cans made of paper. They will be available for 5 grams at the beginning of August 2021.

? - Since the powder is so fine, does it contain nanoparticles?

No - we do not use any nano-sized minerals.

Further questions are welcome and will be made available on this page for anyone who is interested.

Have fun with Angel Minerals

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