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All of our make-up products are made from mineral powder.

You can order all powders in 2 g, 5 g, as a refill with 5 g and as a sample. The eyeshadow are filled with 1 g. All powders are vegan and consist of pure minerals.

What is mineral powder and how does it differ from conventional powder?
The special thing about mineral powder is - as the name suggests - its composition of mineral raw materials. At Angel Minerals there are usually four in number:
Calcium sulfate contributes to an even finish and absorbs fat
Silica has a mattifying and smoothing effect
Mica (like the heart on foto) ensures a healthy, radiant complexion
Boron Nitrides protect against the sun in a natural way

In addition, there are only the color pigments. By the way, they also consist of minerals. Artificial colors and ingredients, oils or nanoparticles do not come into our crucible!
And synthetic fragrances, silicones, binders, and cheap fillers also have to stay outside.

We rely on minimalism, transparency and pure raw materials from our earth. This is exactly where the difference to conventional cream make-up lies. The synthetic ingredients in conventional cream make-up can cause irritation on dry or sensitive skin. Because mineral powder is make-up in its purest form, it can even be used on dry skin. In contrast to conventional cream make-up products, our cosmetics dispense with:

Mineral oil. Conventional cream make-ups often contain filtered mineral oil. The effect: the skin feels "wonderfully" soft, but can no longer breathe properly. Because make-up containing mineral oil is like a layer on the skin. Regeneration? Nothing. Therefore: Not with us!

Talc. The mineral talc in powder form is a popular ingredient in the cosmetics industry. At first it seems to make the skin soft, but in the long run it clogs the pores and dries out the skin badly. It goes without saying that this ingredient is taboo for us!

Nano-particles. The effect of these controversial tiny things on the body has not yet been adequately researched. What is certain is that due to their small size they can penetrate the skin. That is why we completely do without nano-sized minerals.

For more information, see our "INCI Fibel".

Mineral powder also has another important advantage: it has a high degree of coverage, but is almost invisible at the same time. How it works? Redness, blemishes and other problems disappear under the natural powder. At the same time your face looks even, the skin can breathe and best of all: you look like you have no make-up!

Are the mineral powders from ANGEL MINERALS organic?
In principle, mineral powder is not cultivated, it is rock that is mined. Stones come from nature and are BIO by origin. This means that an organic certification for mineral make-up is actually unnecessary. However, customers feel more secure with a certification label. This is not the only reason why we have had our products certified as natural cosmetics (by ICADA). It gives our customers as well as ourselves the additional security that the minerals are really pure, not contained in nano sizes and do not contain any allergenic substances such as gluten. In addition, we can be sure that microplastics and child labor are excluded for our certifier.

What about the shelf life?
Minerals do not have an expiration date, even if they do not contain any preservatives. Mineral powders are inorganic substances that do not allow microbacterial growth. Nevertheless, it is important to regularly clean the brushes, which absorb the oil from the skin and the cream used when they are used, after they have been used. Although the rock flour is free of bacteria, the make-up brush can be a breeding ground for them. In the case of acne or a cold, it is strongly recommended to use a disinfectant spray after each use and to wash the brush completely with a silicone-free soap or shampoo from time to time.

Information to read (in German):
Heike Käser, Naturkosmetische Rohstoffe, 2015 in 4. Auflage erschienen, bietet auf 408 Seiten einen vertiefenden Überblick über naturkosmetische Inhaltsstoffe.
Also highly recommended:
Marion Schimmelpfennig, Giftcocktail Körperpflege, Fischer-Verlag

This is a heart made from mica, a mineral found in most powders

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