Here we see Simona's bare face. Of course it is also very beautiful that way. You will clearly see what ANGEL MINERALS can do when it is made up: It brings out its natural beauty even more and it looks completely authentic.
First some recommendations:
1. Take some time. Especially until you have learned how to handle mineral powders.
2. Provide a make-up area with good light (preferably daylight).
3. Prepare everything you need for your make-up beforehand. Then you can see whether, for example, the colors of the blush match the lipstick.
One difference between using mineral powder and conventional cream make-up is that we start with the eye area because the powder can trickle down when the eyeshadow is applied.


We draw an eyeliner directly on the lash line with one of the brushes: eyeliner, eyebrow or eyeliner brush. Depending on which you prefer to work with. For the eyeliner, use a dark, matt color such as Black, Dark Brown, Aubergine, Blue Mystery, Dark Grey, Petrol, Dark Green, Indigo, Violet. In the outer triangle, you can either shade with one of the above eyeliner colors or add: Greige, Rosewood, Chocolate. They're not that dark.
To do this, use one of the brushes: Blender, Stamp or Eyeshadow Brush. A lighter eyeshadow (matt or glossy) looks good on the movable lid (up to the front area and up to the crease). Recommendations for the movable lid are: Light Lilac, Light Rose, Orange, Velvet Blue, Golden Beige, Caribic, Kiwi, Malachit, Moon, Pink Fairy, etc. Brush as above.
You put the Highlighter directly under the eyebrows with Champagne, Apricot, Silver Rose or White. At the end you ink the eyelashes (calmly twice) with our Volume Black Mascara.


We use Concealer to cover all unpleasant areas of the face. We use Karneol (warm) or Opal (cool) from our INTENSE series against shadows under the eyes. You can also use the YELLOW Concealer for this.

We use Citrine (warm) or Topaz (cool) from the INTENSE series to tint all reddish areas such as pimples, scars and redness on irritated skin. If the areas are reddened, Mint Green Concealer will help. If it shows through under the foundation, you should rework with the BEIGE Concealer.

We apply the Concealer with the Stamp (brush) or under the eyes, with the Concealer Brush, because this is particularly soft.

Kabuki Brushes

The fine synthetic fiber of the Kabuki is vegan and was specially developed for mineral powder. The fine hair absorbs the powder and releases it to the skin without any loss. No other brush can do that.

Simply put the tip of a knife into a ceramic or glass bowl, stir the powder with the Kabuki in the bowl until the powder is completely absorbed. Move the Kabuki gently on your face in circular motions. Always stroke from the nose (center) outwards.

Our Kabuki are: Stand Kabuki (middle, the biggest): Particularly thick and firm - for Foundation.
Baby Kabuki (right, slightly smaller): For Blush and for Foundation on the go.
Nano Kabuki (left, flat top): For Contouring, Concealer, Hair Concealer.

You can also purchase the beautiful curved ceramic bowl from us.


You should try out the right tone for the Foundation before priming.We have divided our Foundation into three color categories: ROSE - NEUTRAL - YELLOW. No. 1 is the lightest shade of a category, No. 5 is the darkest.
In addition, we have created some Foundation SPECIALS and a series with stronger coverage: INTENSE.
When you try out your tone, just paint some powder on your cheek or forehead. If you don't see this test line on the skin, you've hit the right note.Then you can work the Foundation into the face with the Kabuki. It takes a little bit of practice, but it's a wonderful feeling to feel the fine hair on your skin. You won't want to miss it anymore.
The aim is to distribute the powder with the Kabuki so well that you then look completely without make-up and (only) have clear, smooth skin.

Freshness kick

Blush and Lipstick (Mini Lip) are responsible for the freshness kick: Rouge in matte or glossy tones rounds up the make-up and makes the skin look fresher and more radiant.
You can't go wrong if you place the blush on your cheekbones. That should also be the area on the face that protrudes the most. From there you brush the Blush outwards to the hairline.
There are two things to consider with blush:
1. For wrinkles around the eyes, the blush should not be powdered too far into the eye area and thus into the wrinkles.
2. If you have narrow faces, make sure that you do not apply make-up in such a way that the blush causes them to collapse to the side.
Lipstick or Mini Lip: Both should be color coordinated with the Blush color. The complete make-up is most coherent when it matches the color type, i.e. at least either in the warm or in the cool direction. Simona is an Autumn Type who - because she is still so young - can also wear the strong spring colors in her make-up very well.

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