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Naturally - vegan - sustainable - certified - transparent

We pay attention to the use of purest raw materials, such as mineral powders, waxes and oils and purified pigments. We have succeeded in keeping palm oil out of all raw materials. We do not use talcum, even though it is a natural product, and of course we do not use mineral oil (also a natural product). Our powders are gluten-free and halal (no animal ingredients, no alcohol).

Our certificates are:

    the Vegan Flower from VEGAN SOCIETY from UK;
    the Bunny from PETA;
    the premium certificate for organic and natural cosmetics "natural"
    and the certificate "clean product" - both from ICADA.

These substances are taboo for us:
Substances that affect hormones,
Petrochemical raw materials, kerosenes, mineral oil,
Corn flour, rice flour - so our powders are gluten-free,
Talc, wismuth (also called bismuth),
Nanoparts (microniced),
Animal materials, such as horn, hooves, animal urine, bones, animal hair, beeswax, etc.

Mineral colorants according to CI numbers:
The "CI" means Color Index. For each of the color pigments, a specific number was defined in the Cosmetics Ordinance. These are the same worldwide.

CI77007              Ultramarine Blue (Inorganic, bright blue pigment)
CI77019              Mica (mica group of minerals)
CI77491, CI77492 and CI77499: Iron Oxides
CI77510              Pigment Blue 27 (blue dye of mineral origin)
CI77891              Titanium Dioxides (not in nano size!)
CI77947              Zinc Oxides (not contained in nano size!)

After a long search for alternative materials, we have finally found something that we are really happy with:

A paper can (recyclable).

It is part of our sustainable program to dispense with plastic more and more.

So far it is:

1. Refill bags made of glassine (100% degradable);
2. Recyclable jars for the Mini Lips instead of a lipstick;
3. Compact eyeshadow in a paper box instead of a plastic box.

You can do without the supplement of information brochures with every order (with comments). We do not want to pollute the environment unnecessarily through permanent paper production.

You can download the complete Inci List from the Download Center (on the website top left).

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