Natural. Beautiful. Just like yourself.

Welcome to a world of cosmetics that stands for natural and cool looks.​
ANGEL MINERALS is more than just make up. We offer a variety of beautiful
shades of mineralic powder which feels light and smooth on your skin.
Try it - you'll be suprised!

Our powders are natural - sustainable - vegan;
     They contain no artificial preservatives;
     They are free of talcum, aluminum salts, nanoparticles;
     Of course, free from animal substances and by-products;
     100% pure minerals, no corn and rice flour.
     It is natural cosmetics "Made in Germany".

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Dead easy

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Good to know

  ANGEL MINERALS is not only vegan, of course, but also certified Natural Cosmetics, sustainably produced.
The long durability and purity will convince you. For us there are more than 4 skin types and more than 4 color types. That's why our Foundation has 15 shades, the Eyeshadows count 30 Shades. Our color practice of over 30 years is always right in this point: it's about differentiating. It's about the right color, the perfect tone!
Consultation on color selection on the phone: 0049.6039.9392410 and by email: and all advisors under my-angel-place

SWITZERLAND has a general agency for ANGEL MINERALS, where the Swiss can directly order:
STERNWERK - Shop:, Email: - Phone 078-7368200.
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