Naturally vegan - sustainable - certified - transparent - honest.

Basically, Karin Hunkel's range of products was created simply because it only wanted products on the market that are free from harmful influences. We pay attention to the use of purest minerals, best waxes and oils and pure pigments. We have managed to keep palm oil out of all raw materials. We do not use talc, even if it is a natural product and of course no mineral oil (also considered a natural product).
We have subjected ourselves to the strictest standards for natural cosmetics - those of ICADA - and have certified nearly 100 products (almost all).

Our certificates:
• the vegan flower from VEGAN SOCIETY from the UK;
• the bunny of PETA;
• the premium certificate for organic and natural cosmetics from ICADA.

What is NOT in the powders of ANGEL MINERALS:

Hormone impairing substances, petrochemical raw materials, paraffins, mineral oil, maize flour, rice flour (also no gluten), talc, bismuth (also called bismuth), nanoparts (microniced), coded minerals, animal recovery materials, such as. Horn, hooves, animal urine, bones, animal hair, bee wax, etc. Only one product (a lipstick) is not vegan (Mi Amour).

Some of our ingredients can be grouped together. Therefore, we have not listed each product individually in a list, but rather differentiated each with each product in the shop - BEFORE YOUR ORDER! - released.

Basically included
almost all Foundation: Mica, Calcium Sulfate, Boron Nitride, Silica [+/- CI7891, CI77492, CI77947, CI77499, CI77491].
Almost all concealers contain: Mica, Calcium Sulfate, Boron Nitride, Silica [+/- CI77891, CI77492].
Almost all hair concealers contain: Mica, Silica [+/- CI77491, CI77891, CI77499].
Almost all rouge contain: mica, calcium sulphates, silica [+/- CI77491, CI77891, CI77492, CI77499].
Almost all eyeshadow contain: Mica, Calcium Sulfate, Silica [+/- CI77499, CI77891, CI77491].

Most commonly included are: 1. Mica, 2. Calcium Sulfate, 3. Boron Nitride, 4. Silica.
1. Mica: It is one of the main raw materials in every mineral powder. It's a group of minerals: the mica minerals. The most popular of their kind are Biotite, Muscovite and Fuchsite.
Mica is used in natural cosmetics as well as in conventional cosmetics. The mineral provides a subtle glow and protects against UV rays. Milled to fine pigments, Mica shimmers in mineral make-up, face powders, lipsticks and eye shadows. We do not buy the Mica from Germany. Our supplier of raw materials has assured us that the purchased Mica does not come from child labor.
2. Calcium sulfate (not to be confused with sulfates as an independent ingredient) is also dissolved in mineral-containing spring, drinking and tap water and forms together with calcium chloride and the corresponding salts of magnesium the permanent water hardness.
It gives powders a pearly appearance. Because it also reduces the bulk density of the powder, it ensures that the powder is not too "fluffy". Without calcium sulphate, it can sometimes not be absorbed by the brush. As a natural mineral sunscreen, it is commonly used to reduce the light transmission.
In homeopathy, Calcium Sulfuricum is one of the Schuessler salts. It ensures a healthy and fresh-looking skin. Eczema, acne, pimples and pustules in the whiskers and herpes rashes after shaving heal thanks to Calcium Sulfuricum without leaving scars. Calcium Sulfuricum helps festering wounds to heal faster. See also ww.homö
3. Boron Nitride: Wikipaedia: In 2009, a naturally occurring boron nitride mineral in cubic form (c-BN) with the proposed name Qingsongit was reported in Tibet. The substance was found in dispersed micronized inclusions in chromium-rich rocks. In 2013, the International Mineralogical Society confirmed the mineral and the name. Boron Nitride is a powder base of mineral origin. The raw material can also be found in diamonds and graphite. The skin protection gel classifies Boron Nitride as recommended. They are made from a nitrogen compound. Forms the powder foundation in many of our products, conjuring a silky smooth skin feel.
Cosmeticanalysis rates them as "good". They reduce the transparency and translucency of cosmetic products and keep the skin in good condition.
4. Silica (silica):
It is one of the inorganic gelling agents and improves the throwing power of powders, can absorb water and fat. Silica is the most abundant mineral in the earth's crust. As part of the cell walls of numerous plants, it is also contained in foods in varying amounts. The human organism can not absorb or utilize silicon dioxide. It is excreted unchanged. additives / 235.e551_siliciumdioxid.html

Mineral dyes according to CI numbers:
The "CI" means Color Index. For each of the color pigments, a specific number has been specified in the Cosmetics Regulation. These are the same worldwide.

CI77891 titanium dioxide
They are included in our products only as a color pigment. Titanium (IV) oxide is mainly used as a white pigment. It is non-toxic and can be found as a food additive for example in toothpaste, chewing gum and cough sweets, as well as a UV blocker in sun creams and brighteners in medicines (tablets).
Titan dioxides are in disrepute to be dangerous to humans. However, they can only be dangerous if they have been added to the product in extremely small particle form. In this case one speaks of Nanoparts or "microniced". Only then are they in disrepute to break through intestinal walls and harm the lungs when inhaled.

CI 77491, 92 + 99 Iron oxides are synthetically produced pigments. The iron oxide pigments are non-toxic if they are not contaminated with other heavy metal salts (rope night). Therefore, only synthetic iron oxide pigments may be used for cosmetic purposes. The pigments comply with the purity criteria of EC Directive 95/45 / EC. In the purity criteria, the limits for heavy metals are clearly defined. The limit values are given in mg / kg and are considered technically unavoidable. The heavy metals are not deliberately added during production.

Heavy metals: Under this term, extreme fears are mobilized. But it is true that everything that comes from the earth - including asparagus, carrots, beetroot, etc. - contains heavy metals, as well as any mineral powder. The amount, however, is far too small for it to hurt.
In the purity criteria of EU Directive 95/45 / EG, the limits for heavy metals are clearly defined. The limit values are given in mg / kg and are considered technically unavoidable. The heavy metals are not deliberately added during production.

CI 77007 ultramarine blue
Inorganic, strongly blue or violet bright pigment. It belongs to the group of sulphurous silicates and is commonly used for natural cosmetics.

CI 77220 Rügen chalk
Very fine mineral from Rügen. In its pure form it can also be used as a dentifrice.

Please look at the lip products (Lipsticks and Mini Lips) for each product in the shop directly after the ingredients. Because they are so versatile and different, we have not listed them separately here.
It's worth mentioning that the only lipstick - the only Angel Minerals product ever - is not vegan: Mi Amor.

Vegan Mineral Mascara BLACK (Volume)
Ingredients: Aqua, CI 77499, Alcohol, Mica, Rhus Verniciflua Peel Cera, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Acacia Senegal Gum, Oleic / Linoleic / Linolenic Polyglycerides, Sorbitol, Galactoarabinan Pullulan, Trehalose, Silica, Perfume, Geraniol, Linalool , Citronellol, citral, farnesol, limonene

Vegan Mineral Mascara BROWN
Ingredients: Aqua, CI 77499, Alcohol, Mica, Rhus Verniciflua Peel Cera, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, CI 77491, Acacia Senegal Gum, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, CI 77492, Oleic / Linoleic / Linolenic Polyglycerides, Sorbitol, Galactoarabinan, Trehalose, Pullulan, silica.

List updated: 06.2019