Brush cleaning

Good brushes need loving care!
Although you use the cosmetic brush on clean skin, you should always clean the brush collection thoroughly. Through contact with the skin, skin fat and powder residues stick to it over time, but they can be cleaned without any problems. The detergent can be a shampoo. However, it is imperative to ensure that it does not contain any silicone. Caution: almost all shampoos (including baby shampoos) that are not bought in natural health stores contain silicones. These stick together the fine synthetic hair of the brush after a while. For in between or after each use by a customer, the brush can be softly sprayed with an alcohol liquid and wiped off in the Kleenex (see spray for desinfaction in our shop). How often you clean your brush depends on how often you use it. Please also note that light brush hairs can be discolored by the cosmetic products, so that they can no longer have their original color after cleaning. However, this does not affect the quality of the brush in any way.
How do you wash the "good piece" correctly?
So that the make-up brush does not suffer from cleaning, there are some aspects that you should pay attention to. A brush neither belongs in the dishwasher nor in the washing machine. The brushes should also not be washed with water that is too hot or even boiling. It should be lukewarm water from the tap. Brush cleaning should be done quickly, so do not first “soak” it in the sink with lots of water. While washing, gently move the brush hair through a liquid cleaning product (I think Bronner's Baby Soap is the best) in your hand and then carefully begin to clean the hair by stirring in your hand. Meanwhile, the tips of the hair should point downwards so that as little soapy water as possible does not run into the brush shaft (i.e. where the hair and the handle are connected). Cosmetic brushes are stuck there and the soap could affect the glue. The cleaning agent is washed out carefully and thoroughly after washing.
Dry the brushes properly !!!!!
The drying phase is particularly important. Immediately after washing and rinsing, you can "squeeze out" the brushes individually with the head down (squeeze out the water). Now is the time to let the freshly washed powder and eye shadow brushes dry quickly but gently. This works very well in winter near the heating or directly on a radiator (attention: not too hot!). In summer with the window open, but not in the blazing sun. It is ideal to wrap a rubber around the stems of the good pieces and hang it on a hook or towel holder so that the ends of the hair point down. Then they can be used again soon. Give your brushes about 36 hours to use again.
Treated like this, you will have a lot of fun with your valuable work tools for a long time!
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