The eyeshadow from ANGL MINERALS is available as loose pigments and firmly pressed as a compact powder.

The loose pigments are exceptionally economical in use and very easy to handle with a little practice. The loose eyeshadow There are 30 colors in cool and warm tones, light and dark, with and without shine. The gloss options are “Satin” with a light and “Glossy” with a strong gloss.

The so-called HIGHLIGHTER (champagne, silver rose, white) have such small shiny particles that they only become really visible when you move your head. That's why they are best applied in a narrow line directly under the eyebrows. This raises the brow.

With the matte tones, you can easily reset any drooping eyelids. We have two favorite tones for this: "Greige" for light to medium-blonde women who tend towards the warmth and for the cooler direction "Dark Gray". For redheads, "Rosewood" is the first choice. It is also exactly the tone of redheads' eyebrows. The colors dark haired use to get dramatic eye makeup are: Black, indigo, dark brown, purple, emerald.

All powders are vegan, made from pure minerals and without additives.

Compact - pressed powder
Here we followed a strong customer request. Most women are used to tightly pressed eyeshadow and that is why we have produced seven colors for them. They are: Aubergine, Blue Mystery, Chocolate, Dark Gray, Greige, Indigo, Emerald.

You can buy the refill and replace it again and again. The packaging is plastic-free.

The special thing about our mascara is that it looks completely natural. It does not develop so-called spider legs, you can even refill them later as you wish. It doesn’t run down in the rain and tears, and yet you can simply clean it off in the evening with just water and a cotton pad. The mascara is available in brown and as a volume in black.

The (wooden) pencil combines the features of a Kajal and an Eyeliner. It is also easy to handle for strong eyebrows. Available in dark brown and black. All products are vegan and palm oil free.

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