The powder colors for the face - called foundation - are divided into three categories: YELLOW - NEUTRAL - ROSE.

We offer five colors in each category: No. 1 is the brightest and No. 5 the darkest of a category.

Mineral make-up has been around for a while. But it only became really well known in the last few years. Especially women who value a natural look or who have problem skin swear by the powder made from pure, mineral ingredients.

Is mineral powder suitable for every skin type?
Whether mature skin, oily or dry skin, prone to acne, couperose or rosacea - we claim: mineral powder could be the answer to your skin problems.

And that because:
Mineral powder is not comedogenic. If you have acne or blemished skin, you can literally "breathe easy". Because the powder does not penetrate your pores, it allows your skin to breathe and removes the breeding ground for impurities. Many of our customers have noticed an improved skin texture since using mineral powder.

The mineral powder does not make dry skin any drier because it does not contain talc. For extremely dry skin, you can use the tip of mixing the powder with oil in the palm of your hand and then applying it or using a light oil immediately before powdering.
You can find skin oils in our shop under VEGAN CARE.

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