The founder of AM

Karin Hunkel - author of three books about the effect of colours. Developer of the "Holistic Colour Consultation" (1986 as the first in Europe).

More than 30 years ago I started my work with colours. At that time I was an absolute pioneer in the field of colour consulting. However, how to cut colours to the four colour types was totally too superficial for me. Not least through my studies of psychology at the University of Frankfurt and art semester at the "Städel" I knew: Colours can do more, colours make more. The combination of colours and psychology allowed me to develop my own holistic counselling concept, which I taught to many hundreds of counsellors in training seminars. During the whole time as a trainer for <Holistic Colour Counselling> I was looking for cosmetic products which would not harm the skin until I took it into my own hands. In November 2011 I founded ANGEL MINERALS - a manufactory with its own production for pure natural vegan make-up.

From the initial concept of being able to offer the colour consultants I trained a good cosmetic for their customers, the brand gradually developed into an "insider tip". Through blogger reviews and activities in the "social media", the customer potential has meanwhile developed to a certain degree of popularity in the natural cosmetics scene. Sometime in 2016, this led to the decision to hand over the entire seminar activity and to concentrate only on ANGEL MINERALS.

That is my mission:

    With everything I do in my private and business life, I try with all my might to protect nature, the environment and animals as best I can.
    I respect people, opinions and social commitments that are good for the planet and all living beings.
    I want to act from the heart and only sell things that I use or would use myself.

... and then an excerpt from the video message of the astronaut Alexander Gerst, who returned to Earth at the end of 2018, who speaks from the heart:

    "The future is more important than the past.
    One's own point of view is always incomplete.
    Give your dreams a chance.
    Opportunities only come once.
    For things that are worth it, you also have to take a risk.
    A day when you have looked beyond your horizon is a good day."
    Alexander Gerst

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