Sales Displays

For reseller: Different displays are available to you - depending on your initial desire and your budget.

The entire product range is presented professionally best with the Maxi Display.
It contains all the powder products - except the Hair Concealers. There is an extra Display for them. You can choose between 14 Eyeshadows and 30 Eyeshadows to present on the maxi display. The bottom round plate of the Display is rotatable.

1. + 2. For professionals the total offer: The "Maxi" Display
It is 3-stage, bamboo (diameter about 40 cm, height about 18 cm), German handwork.
Content: 15 Foundation, 8 Blush, 4 Concealer, 6 Foundation Specials, 14 or 30 Eyeshadows, 10 Mini Lips, 10 Lipsticks, 2 Mascara (Black & Brown).

3. Especially for all Hair Concealers: The "Mini" Display
It is 2-stage, bamboo (dimensions about 35 x 20 cm, height about 10 cm), German handwork.
Content: e.g. 10 Hair Concealers (3 or 6 g), 2 Mascara Black & Brown or 1 Mascara and 2 Brushes.
Content NEW: 12 Hair Concealer (3 or 6 g) - nothing else.

The prices of filled displays vary depending on which products you order. You will receive more information with our resellor information folder. Please request them by email stating your company address and VAT ID or website.

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