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Karin Hunkel, the founder

During my time as a trainer for "Holistic Color Advice", I was looking for a make-up that met the standards of natural cosmetics. Unfortunately, it was anything but easy back then. In 2011 I took matters into my own hands to develop one.

I founded the brand ANGEL MINERALS - a manufactory with its own production for natural vegan mineral make-up. The brand was protected by utility model law and certified as natural cosmetics (at ICADA). It also carries the Vegan Flower label (Vegan Society, UK) and PETA. Over time, vegan brushes, mascara and lipsticks as well as Mini Lips were added to the initial powders, which was quite a feat for me with a small factory.

My way of being a manufacturer of natural cosmetics developed from my 30 years as a "color woman". That means being the author of three books on the effects of color (last sold at Stb. 45,000 copies). I developed the "Holistic Color Advice" (also book title) in 1986 and started the first publications on the subject in Europe. Then 30 years of seminars and training in Holistic Psychological Color Consulting. 2011 Development of the mineral cosmetics ANGEL MINERALS.

When I started working with colors in 1986, I was an absolute pioneer in the field of color consulting. However, how you could only cut colors to the four color types was too superficial for me. Not least because of my psychology studies at the University of Frankfurt and an art semester at the "Städel" I knew: Colors can do more, colors do more. They create moods and are even able to heal.

By combining colors and psychology, I have succeeded in developing my own holistic concept, which I have passed on to hundreds of counselors in training seminars. I handed in this thesis in 2016 and dealt entirely with ANGEL MINERALS.