How colors work

Karin Hunkel, founder of ANGEL MINERALS as well as color book author and founder of "Holistic Color Advice" (1986) explains in her book "Holistic Color Advice" (Stb) on which different levels colors work.

For example
Red: As the strongest power colour, it really gives us power and has been proven to raise blood pressure. Also, it makes us appear confident and dominant when we wear it. And don't forget: Red is hot! Use the color if you want to show "horns".
Orange: With orange we give ourselves warmth and conjure up coziness in our home. We are nowhere more beautiful than in the orange light of a sunset. Otherwise, orange helps with abdominal cramps and everything that makes us women suffer.
Yellow: Yellow stands for joie de vivre and zest for life. It is the cheerleader among colors. But beware: Yellow promotes digestion and increases appetite. If you want to lose weight, you should avoid them in your clothes and instead use violet. Rather buy a bouquet of yellow flowers.
Green: It is the color of nature and, according to ancient Indian chakra teachings, also the color of the heart (no - not red!). People who are lovesick suddenly wear a lot of green - without knowing why. And indeed, this color helps. It harmonises on every level.
Turquoise: This cool, fresh color supports our immune system. It is the color of "defense" and should not necessarily be worn when looking for an apartment or presenting yourself for a new job. She's immediately defensive. Pay attention to where you can't go wrong with it.
Blue: Light blue has a completely different effect than dark blue and this again different than royal blue or pigeon blue. Blue has the most nuances and the most diverse statements: e.g. denim blue is cool and casual, dark blue is an ideal suit color, light blue is beautiful for babies and powder blue makes you appear slimmer.
Purple: Here comes the colour, that curbs appetite. Also works if you put a purple amethyst under your lungs and suck it. Lilac, as the light variant, has a calming effect and is ideal for all rooms where you want to concentrate, e.g. in training rooms. Purple helps with learning.
Magenta: The telecom color is loud and squeaky. You stand out with it, more than with red. Unfortunately, it only suits a few. But if you have black hair, you should definitely wear them. It is also considered a protective color against negative influences.
Pink: The color of rose quartz makes you appear sensitive when you wear it. They appear much softer, more reserved, and also lighter than with any other cool color. Who actually knows that pink was THE male color par excellence in the last century?

Each of the spectral colors represents certain qualities of life that we dominate or negate. The reason why someone cannot bear certain colors is stored in the subconscious. Unresolved childhood issues and experiences are "cellared" along with a color that matches the theme. As long as the problem is not solved, the corresponding color is avoided. As a result, we, as holistically oriented color consultants, can recognize the physical and psychological problems of the person based on the rejected color. This makes the color consultation a "holistic" color consultation.