Definitely! Our make-up does not dry out the skin. In addition, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by reflecting minerals. Our two powders "Angel Touch Light" and "Angel Touch Sun" are particularly ideal for mature skin.

With our mineral make-up, you don't need to keep powdering throughout the day. Our make-up is waterproof - it stays in place even when you sweat. The "Anti-Shine" products even absorb sweat. Even in light rain it does not run down! Nevertheless, you can easily clean it off with water or oil in the evening.

No, none of the Angel Minerals products are tested on animals.

Our product line is certified vegan. Nothing comes from animals! Our brushes are also vegan.
Don't worry, it doesn't mean anything bad if the numbers - as with our products - start with a 7. The CI 7xxxx are harmless to health, gentle and well tolerated. (From the point of view of natural cosmetics, the color numbers CI 1xxxx, CI 2xxxx and CI 4xxxx are dubious. See also page 198 of Rita Stiens "Beauty at any price".)
Minerals have virtually no expiration date. Nevertheless, from a purely legal point of view, we have to state an expiry date of 30 months (the longest possible) on the product base. But this only applies after opening.
You don't need a primer with our powders. The powders stay on the skin very well. They almost melt into the skin. However, you should not use care products underneath that contain silicone. The powder could bead up on it.
Mineral cosmetics are beneficial for people with problematic skin. These include rosacea, acne, skin burns or post-surgical skin patches.
Titanium Dioxide and Boron Nitride (ingredients in the mineral powders) provide natural protection from the sun, rated at approximately SPF 15.
They are only partly filled in plastic cans. Unfortunately, in the past we had not been able to find an alternative to the plastic cans, although we had been looking for it intensively for years. Only now have we managed to obtain cans made of stable paper. They have been available for 5 grams since August 2021.
Nein – wir verwenden keine Puder und auch sonst keine Inhaltsstoffe in Nanogröße.
The boxes are made of sturdy cardboard, which is covered with a protective layer on the inside and outside. As a result, no moisture penetrates into the interior of the can.
Yes, all powders - not just the powders of a category or group - can be mixed with each other. For example, you can make your blush lighter with Foundation or darker with Grey Off Hair Concealer. If you don't like the yellow value in the foundation, you can grey it out with Concealer Mintgreen. It's the same with all products.
Because all our powders are certified as natural cosmetics, this ensures that they meet the standards of NON-harmful products. At most, it could be that the pregnancy develops an allergy to certain substances that is otherwise not there.

No. We have decided to have the minerals reproduced in a nature-identical manner. This way we can be sure that there is no child labor in them. In addition, they are guaranteed to be clean and consistent in their quality. The molecular structure of the powder is the same as that of the real mineral and can therefore also be called mineral cosmetics.