Foundation Specials

For the special needs of a special skin. Not least because every skin and every woman is special.

Angel Touch - Anti-Aging foundation with glow effect in 2 shades

The anti-aging effect of our Angel Touch mineral powder makes it the perfect make-up companion for mature skin. The powder mixture has an enhanced reflection. As a result, the powder acts like a natural soft focus on the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced. In addition, the powder does not dry out the skin. Angel Touch can be applied on top of the foundation in some areas or as a substitute instead of the matte foundation. The glow effect also looks gorgeous on the décolleté. The powder is available in two shades: SUN and LIGHT.

Anti Shine Foundation for increased matting in 3 shades.
Our anti-shine powder works against particularly oily skin and also against heat attacks (e.g. during menopause). For photo shoots and a successful bridal makeup - where you need a very matt finish - they are also indispensable. The powder does not dry out the skin and is available in the shades: WARM, COOL and NEUTRAL. This powder can also be used on the normal foundation (e.g. on the nose) or as a substitute for a foundation.

Summer Tan Foundation in 2 shades.

Very dark Powder for contouring, for suntanned people and for Dark-skinned, available in a warm caramel tone (WARM) and a cool dark brown (COOL). Both shades are matte.

Alabaster Foundation

This powder is very light, almost white and ideal for emphasizing certain parts of the face when contouring. In addition, it is an ideal color for Asians and very pale people.